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Episode 8 & Episode 9 | The Many Journeys of Lam Lo Parts 2 & 3

In Parts 2 & 3 of Lam Lo's story, he searches for freedom for his family and talks about becoming a boat person and a refugee. This takes him to a new rural life, through the jungle late at night looking for a path to the sea, on a tossing boat in the middle of the South China Sea, to an overcrowded refugee camp on Bidong Island, finally arriving in America with only $2. Plus, he offers pragmatic advice.

Episode 7 | The Many Journeys of Lam Lo (Part 1)

This week's inspirational senior citizen is Lam Lo. This is the first in a series about Lam's astounding life, whose sister rescued him from being sold by their father, who moved from China to Vietnam for a better life, and served with the Americans in Saigon, and was left to burn his identification after the city fell in 1975.

Plus, hear about a 70-year-old love triangle, how Lam met his wife, and more.