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Episode 10 | Charlotte Reeder & a Life's Work

Episode 10 | Charlotte Reeder & a Life's Work

I probably should retire, but I don’t want to do housework.
— Charlotte Reeder, Episode 10

Meet Charlotte "Sharky" Reeder, former University of Kentucky cheerleader and current working woman.

Despite her affinity for Big Blue Nation, even during March Madness it's hard not to fall in love with Charlotte, AKA Sharky, who works full time at the Kentucky Horse Park gift shop and has since the late 1970s. A lover of travel and books, she shares what she enjoys on and off the clock, as well as her experiences attending UK during World War 2, parenting, and her advice for how to keep a positive attitude.

It went from being a mostly girls school to being overrun with boys, and they were mostly not boys any more. They were men. It changed the way we looked at the world I think. It wasn’t a playground.
— Charlotte Reeder, Episode 10, on how UK changed as WW2 veterans returned

If you're wondering if she's really as nice as she seems, know that the meanest thing she said about anyone in an hour and a half was "she liked to practice the piano."

If they’d’ve thrown me up in the air, wouldn’t no one’ve wanted to catch me.
— Charlotte Reeder, Episode 10, on cheerleading then and now

Book Recommendations

A Reeder on reading.

Charlotte is a lifelong reader. She reads about 3 books every 2 weeks. Here are some of her recommendations.

To better understand what being young was like during World War 2, she suggests you read Tom Brokaw's "The Greatest Generation." "It really was," she says.

Charlotte really enjoys Jan Karon's Mitford series about an Episcopal priest. "They're well-written. They usually have a little bit of a mystery to them. . . but they're not blood and guts."

Finally, Charlotte likes a good whodunnit. She recommends the Spenser series by Robert B. Parker to fill your private-eye, gum-shoe needs.

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