Thank You


Thanks to all our guests and listeners, and these supporters in particular:

Like the music? It's my sincere pleasure to introduce you to Ali Arant and Darren Woodlief. "Don't Be Sour" was written by Ali Arant and is performed by Ali Arant and Darren Woodlief. You can listen to the EP, June July, on Spotify or buy it on iTunes.

Larry Buchanan, Hoosier, pet owner, and New York Times designer, created our logo in his head and then made it beautiful for pages and screens.

Gina Caison wears many hats: the mortarboard of professor, the dandelion crown of writer, the invisibility cloak of documentarian, and the (War Eagle) ball cap as host of About South, a podcast that asks whether the American South is real, and if it is, where it is. Gina coached me through the technical and storytelling aspects of podcasting, watching all the Youtube videos first so I didn't have to. 

Jennifer Woods, Andrea Alumbaugh, and Kelsey Ronan, editors extraordinaire, listened to early drafts and shared in-depth feedback.